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Waiting for the Download or the night
Horrible day at work. yes I still work at the movie theatre, no it has not got better but instead progressively worse actuallly.  It seems that my boss is so cheap she can not afford to pay to have the couches cleaned in theatre one and oh look we have rats that have chewed on the furniture getting at the build up of candy and other things left between the cushions.  Also we have ants at the concession stand, broken tile up stairs and that says nothing for the musical chairs going on with new hires who either quit or break parole. I can not say much because I still make enough money to waste money on insert electronic device here and still have an apartment. Even if my w-2 says i make less and less each year.

Which is the point of bringing this blog back to life. I want to make my life better without the intervention of anyone else. This is just between me and the internet. I want to look at these entries and see how i got to a better place in my life.

Currently I am slightly pudgy, with much duress i have moved away from overweight and into comfortably pudgy but I want to get to muscular. I want to give up my addiction with extra portions. My love affair with sugar. My dirtry kinky fun times with chinese food.  It just takes so delicious and i come from the nineties where we treat ourselves like kings. It has to stop, my dick is now 7 inches long having lost an inch to my waist.  i FOUND old photos from when I was twenty and it was like being a vampire thrown out into sunlight the way i saw how skinny i used to be as opposed to how doughy i am now.  How sad...i know i'm being vain, but arent we supposed to want what is best for us. I refuse to let my body sink into disrepair.  I want my life to mean something even if it is just to me I still want it to matter.

What I want i am no longer sure, my life has been quite depressing up to this point but i now see it was my own inactiveness in regards to my existence that made it so and i want to change that very much. So i am. so here we go.


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