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bluhuskydog's Journal

Hostus Eisley
15 August
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I wish I had something interesting to put here. I'm one of those twenty somethings who act like their lives are very important when infact they really aren't. I mean when you're on a plane and you're flying across America you realize just how unimportant you are in the grand scheme of things. But after such a moment of stunning clarity, I continue to believe that my life is super important to any person I talk to. I'm not gonna say i'm conceited because i'm not, but I do talk as if my problems are on par with starving children in Africa. I blame this on the Nineties television I watched (Friends) where this was the norm.

If you can't tell I'm a thinker. I like to sit in a cloud of cigarette smoke, and ponder whatever comes to mind. Like the validity of sex, or whether or not Russian people will come over and pull a Red Dawn. I'm American, also if you can't tell. But really, really I love talking and I noticed that I spend so much time talking that maybe it's time to write a blog and do something. So i'm using the internet, this vast wonderland of Pornography and Propaganda to learn more about the rest of the world and blog about it.

I will also talk about my life with utter abandon.