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The monster that ate my pop music
As Miley Cyrus sashays around the stage of the VMA's to the avid looks of horror by Will Smith's children who have yet to learn how to show contempt, pop music seems to be morphing into something that can't be tamed. It scares me to turn on the radio as teenagers sing songs about going all night and I wanted to hear the latest Kelly Clarkson who has stepped back from the limelight since it got a new red tint. As I watch the long line of wholesome pop stars become drug addicted sex addicts or atleast that's what they claim, i WONDER what happened to the happy songs that I enjoyed when I was a teenager. It makes me wonder if somewhere teenagers are getting in line for the bathroom to do a line as opposed to be worrying about having breath mints for their first date?

Maybe i'm just old, but I like being able to dance to my pop music and I don't know, be happy.

I had so much respect for Avril Lavigne, now i just wait for the behind the music with her so i can hear her admit to dumbing it down for the younger fans who replaced her Sk8terboy crowd.


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